Gold Nova 3 CSGO Non Prime Account | Instant Delivery


Gold Nova 3 Nonprime Account

Are you looking for gold nova 3 nonprime ranked account ? Firstly, Gold Nova 3 is a common rank in CS:GO and contains a large portion of the player base. It is also halfway between Silver I and The Global Elite, marking it as a middle ground across CS:GO ranks.

Is Gold Nova 3 Good Rank?

Secondly, Being a Gold Nova 3 puts you in the top 50.52% of all CS:GO players. In other words, if you were placed in a room with 100 other players, you’d probably be able to beat 49 of them all. Total CS:GO thinks that.

Therefore, Most players at this rank have a simple understanding of the game and can use flashbangs, smokes and different weapons well. For instance, Players in this rank are better than half of all CS:GO players, meaning this is definitely a rank to be proud of.

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– Rank: Gold Nova 3 [Instant Delivery]

✅Prime Status: Disable

✅Wins: 10-30
✅Hours: 3- unlimited
✅Private rank: 3+

✅Steam level: 0-1
✅Account region: Global region (You can play from any country) 
✅No Hacks or Third-party software used
✅VAC/Alert Status: None, Fully Clean
✅Instant Delivery
✅Lifetime Live Support 



✅1 x Steam Account which includes:

✅Steam Username
✅Steam Password
✅First Email (Email which was used to create this account)
✅Email Password


✅Your account will be delivered instantly on your email and user panel Account.


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