Are you looking to block your random CSGO faceit Teammate? 

Are you looking to block your random CSGO faceit Teammate? 

The Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Faceit players can now take control of their ranked gaming experience with this new Faceit matchmaking blocking feature. 

CSGO is a mentally taxing game to play due to uncontrolled cheaters trolls. Faceit actively tries to determine the cheating issue, but toxicity remains a problem. Players have long complained about non-serious trolls throwing games and making an unhealthful environment in the game lobby. Faceit has now presented a new characteristic that stops this issue at the root. The third-party gaming medium has disclosed a blocking feature that empowers players to control their game environment. 

How does the matchmaking blocking feature work in CSGO? 

The matchmaking blocking feature lets premium and game subscribers block players who don’t want to be matched within any FACEIT Matchmaking queue.

According to Faceit, a permanent block of those toxic player features has been the community’s top recommendation. Just muting a toxic teammate isn’t enough, and players want to know that they won’t have to queue with the same trolls again. A blocklist will permanently ban someone from your future games, and this feature will enable players to have more hygienic games as they eliminate bad actors from their queues. 

Blocking feature CSGO Faceit

Most shooter games have a voice chat ban, which temporarily resolves toxicity. However, winning a shooter game with zero communication is a task in itself. Moreover, there’s no certainty that you won’t queue with the same player again, and this uncertainty squeezes the fun out of CSGO.

So far, this matchmaking blocking is only available to premium and game subscribers. Premium players can block up to five players simultaneously, while game subscribers can block up to three. This limitation ensures that the feature doesn’t get exploited by malicious players. It’s worth noting that this blocklist isn’t unalterable. Players can always go back and remove names at any time by accessing the list in the settings section.

This is much-needed addition that has rarely been executed in other games. The game experience on Faceit is already better than regular CSGO matchmaking, and this new feature could improve game quality significantly. 

CSGO Accounts players are now wishing for a similar option to become standard. Cheaters are already ruining the fun, and toxic players only make it worse. A blocklist feature would undoubtedly help the current state of CSGO matchmaking. 

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