How do Buyers Find CSGO Prime Accounts for Sale?

How do Buyers Find CSGO Prime Accounts for Sale?

CSGO Account For Sale

There are many ways in which someone looking to buy a CSGO Prime Account can find one. Some of the most common are through social media, forums, and dedicated player-to-player marketplaces. Generally, buyers prefer to buy from dedicated marketplaces that have a larger userbase, as more users means more sellers, and more sellers means that the buyer has more options to choose from.

Is CSGO Prime Worth It?

Before 2020 came and shackled the world with the Coronavirus, Counter Strike: Global Offensive was a game that you needed to pay for before you played it on Steam. Officially, the game became free-to-play on December 9, 2019, just a few weeks before we greeted 2020 with a bang. Before that, Steam always held huge sales for Counter Strike: Global Offensive to get more players to purchase it. Many buyers feel that it’s worth getting a CSGO Prime account if they were late to the party. This is because it allows them to access items and gear that they would not be able to get it they made their own account. Buyers don’t have a hard time finding suitable accounts that meet their needs and requirements, as there’s always a large number of sellers posting offers and trading accounts.

Can I Play With Friends That Don’t Have Prime?

It’s possible to play with friends that don’t have the Prime status, but it comes at a cost. Matchmaking with them will only be possible in a premade lobby. Furthermore, matches will be against non-Prime players since the friends being matched with do not have Prime. There’s also no way to remove Prime status from an account once it is obtained.

CSGO account for sell

Why Do Buyers Want a CSGO Account Prime?

People who buy a Prime Account from an online seller feel that there are benefits suited to them for doing so. One of which is that they’ll be eligible for Prime exclusive loot including souvenir items, weapon cases, item drops, plus access to all community operated servers. They feel that these servers are some of the best available on Counter Strike: Global Offensive as the players on these servers tend to be more experienced.

Another common reason that gamers purchase these accounts is because there are less cheaters and hackers in Prime-only CSGO servers. Cheaters and aimbotters are rampant in the CSGO community, but Prime status acts as a deterrent as it comes with the power to get them banned. While this doesn’t mean Prime accounts never come across cheaters at all, it does improve the quality of matches.

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